Structure of the script
  • 25 Aug 2023
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Structure of the script

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A typical installation of the script looks like this

        var autochatConfig = {
            assistantId: "INSERT ASSISTANTID",
            accessToken: "INSERT ACCESSTOKEN",          
            locale: "NL", // or EN/FR
            // To set up a link between the website and the car a consumer is looking at use one of these identification methods:
            currentCarVin: "PLACE CAR VIN NUMBER HERE",
            // - OR -
            licensePlate: "PLACE CAR LICENSE PLATE NUMBER HERE",
            // - OR -
            stockNumber: "PLACE CAR STOCK NUMBER HERE"
        var s=document.createElement("script");s.src="",s.async=!0,s.defer=!0,s.addEventListener("load",function(){autochat.init(autochatConfig)}),document.body.appendChild(s);

Don’t use more than 1 vehicle identification method.

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